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Mystic Crossroads Field Guide

Mystic Crossroads Field Guide




There are nine guilds covering all skilled professions common to the cities and towns across Lluris. Each guild holds a monopoly over their skill set that they guard with secrecy and legal protection. The young are accepted into a guild when they begin to show aptitude, often in the same guild as their parents. There are still many people not members of guilds such as farmers, sailors, hunters and trappers or sellswords, but their prospects are usually limited without guild support.

The Blacksmith's Guild

You are a blacksmith, having been apprenticed as soon as you could wield a hammer. You proved you were not afraid to sweat and work hard, and your aching arms became strong, your strikes to the steel keen and precise. You now enjoy a great demand for your work from soldier to hunter to adventurer alike. The great demand for blades makes the Blacksmith's Guild one of the most powerful and influential of all guilds. Any shortage of weapons to young adventurers means you can name your price for your work. Those that complain about your costs don't appreciate the hard work that it takes for every blade.

focused on the smithing of steel and its alloys, be it swords, locks, shield bands, or armor.

You are a member of the Goldsmiths Guild, providing secure management for the wealth of the Noble Court and anyone who has great treasure they need protecting. Goldsmiths lend from those accounts at a fee from which they take their commission. New members of the Guild seek to ingratiate themselves to a lower noble, a successful merchant, to earn their confidence in opening a new account. Usually they offer to find and make purchases on behalf of the person who might not have the time or interest in dealing with the common market of traders. After an account is awarded, the Goldsmith commonly becomes their benefactor's personal shopper. It is good to know all the local tradesmen and what they offer.

Since the day to day tasks of a Goldsmith can be fairly simple, you may also study the lapidary arts and jewelry making. Working precious metals and quality gems into artistic pieces can be a good business all of its own if you aren't managing an account. Gems set in rings and broaches are often sought out by nobles, merchants and magisters alike.

both jewelers and workers of precious metals, as well as bankers and currency managers.
The Bards Guild

You are a bard, an entertainer, a comic, a musician, a dancer, a cook, an innkeeper, a therapist. You're the social lubricant that keeps the night's festivities going and the patrons happily forgetting their troubled lives. You manage the social hub of the entire town. Without your work and efforts people would probably be murdering each other in the streets. Your guild hall, or local tavern, is the church for forlorn souls before they stumble into the Church of Saints. Just don't say that out loud. That's heresy.

The Bards Guild has a tenuous relationship with the Church of Saints. It is common for clerics to stop anyone appearing to perform for tips to confirm that they're good standing guild members. They often use this reason to harass troubadours and ask further incriminating questions. Being arrested by zealous clerics is not an uncommon occurrence requiring the guildmaster of bards to bail members out.

encompass all aspects of the entertainment field including cooks, barkeeping, dancers, and poets.
The Tradesmens Guild

You are a tradesman, following the craft of your father or mother. You've been trained since you were very young knowing that one day the family business would pass to you. Your pride in your work will hopefully bring you a reputation for quality in time, but for now you pay your dues. If you're able to attract some noble's attention, perhaps you can finally be recognized for your art!

The Tradesman's Guild is possibly the weakest of the guilds, a collection of artists and artisans that would have no influence at all alone, but together demand a voice amongst the guilds. Though not as in demand as blacksmiths or entertainers, the leather goods, quality tailoring, woodworking and other skilled trades are needed commodities for soldiers to nobles.

include all crafters or builders that don't fit into the previous more specific fields.
The Merchants Guild

You are a merchant, a buyer and seller of goods in the market. You have your finger on the pulse of the economy, learning who is looking for that special product and who has excess goods to sell for the right price. You know the value of buying low and selling high, and what price the market demands. When you travel the trade routes to other kingdoms, you're able to sell the local wares and return with goods that are unavailable from local crafters. With good trade strategy, you can accumulate great wealth, enough to rival some nobles.

buyers and sellers of goods who travel from city to city buying low and selling high.
The Military College

You are a soldier. Not one of those front line peasants that join an army for the guaranteed food, clothes, and a chance to plunder. You are an officer in the Military College, studied in strategy and battlefield tactics, leadership and command. You train in various weapons to master as many as you can. You've learned from recounts of the greatest battles of the Great War. Now your hope is to be commissioned to train troops for a noble house, or better, to lead them into battle as part of an army like the old stories. In time you will earn your own awards and accolades.

trains those who would be professional soldiers, officers who lead armies.
The Church of Saints

You are a cleric of the Church of Saints, supporting the spiritual needs of the community with your council of moderation, good work, and accepting your place in the world. You teach that each guild has a role to play in the social order, and to step outside of that role though greed and ambition has led to the downfall of men, unrest within families, blight and ruin. You bring mercy and healing to the sick and wounded with blessings and miracles from the saints and protection from spiritual and supernatural sources. It is proper to ask for donations to the Church among those who are having success or are wealthy.

By sacred law, none outside of a guild may pursue business reserved for that guild, and it falls to the Church to judge and enforce that holy order. Most guilds appreciate the work of the Church of Saints that assures their protected livelihood, but there are often questions of law and challenges by arrogant ambition.

provide spiritual guidance while maintaining the observation of Guild Law.
The College of Magesters

You are a student in the college of Magisters. You were the second, third, or fourth child of a noble or wealthy merchant family, with little interest in inheriting title or business. Instead you were drawn into the arcane arts of Alchemy, a practice of the Sturthus Magi of the east. Using your family coin for the cost of training and components, you are learning to bend elemental forces for your defense and benefit, and to the service of those who might commission you. However, your new command of the elements is misunderstood and feared by a city that may no longer trust you. Never the less, they all need you.

study the mysteries of Alchemy to harness the limitless powers of the elements.
The Noble Court

You were born of privilege, from a family of noble title, with a duty to maintain a province, or fiefdom, and the well being of the serfs who work the land for you. The taxes you collect from your fiefdom allow you a guard for defense of your land and self, a comfortable life among families of title, and to invigorate the economy of this, your city of residence. The city folk are not your subjects, but they owe you their respect for your position, patronage and protection of this town. The other guilds are here for your benefit as you require them.

maintain the law, social services and economic health of towns and cities. Copyright © 2011 ZPG Games