Mystic Crossroads Larp

Mystic Crossroad Larp


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Mystic Crossroads Field Guide

Mystic Crossroads Field Guide




The world of Lluris has a rich history and diverse make up of cultures and races of intelligent people. Each has its own mythic origin story and tales from the legendary age. Some have long held relations, or grudges, with other races that may effect how each treats the other today. Others may have had no knowledge of far off lands and kingdoms until the Great War dragged so many from the world they knew into conflict and violence.

Now the races must define relationships with their neighbors anew, holding to old alliances and animosities or finding ways to work together to their advantage in this new age.

The Alfar

You are of the Alfar. The first people to set foot on this world of Lluris, the Alfar are the most beautiful and varied in their form. Pooka and Boguns, Elves and Ogres, all are part of the Alfar courts. Alfar are sometimes considered the wise people, recognizing the value of virtue, experience, promises and honor, over the possessions that humans hold so dear. The imagined worth of coin and currency is lost on Alfar, who discard such pointless unattractive baubles.

As Alfar, you have learned to use your innate powers, called Glamour, to change the seeming of things. Alfar use Glamour to change useless items into the tools they need, and to dictate the perceptions of others as naturally as humans take to digging in dirt. Strangely, the holding of iron, or metals containing iron, will rob you of your Glamour.

A strange race of magically imbued folk, Alfar keep strange practices about weapons and currency. They hold powers mysterious to outsider, and can be deadly.

You come from the Celestine Empire, a land rooted in legend, magic, and chivalry. Your earliest legends tell of the Dragon Age, when the land was ravaged by great flying horrors with a appetite for treasure and destruction. Heroic knights would test their bravery on the hills to return as Dragon Slayers, or not at all. To this day, cities are built away from hilltops, and formal oaths and challenges are made at high places. Many legends also speak of the Alfar, magical folk who could bring good fortune or deadly danger in equal measure. Popular tales tell of their rewards for a hero's virtue and punishment for greed and wickedness. But the greatest epic of all is the story of Queen Celeste who, outnumbered by Harkor invaders, led her army with guile and cleverness that won the kingdom our freedom.

Today Empress Urbanis maintains her court of love for the benefit of her people. She is the first to reign under Guild Law from the start, and has strives be be an adept ruler in a quickly changing world but she is not without detractors among noble families. She maintains relations with our close neighbors, the enigmatic Alfar. Rumors have it that the Alfar diplomat is even her lover!

A kingdom that holds honor and knightly virtue highly, they also embrace stories of romance and courtship. Their close ties to the Alfar have taught them strange superstitions.

You are of the Dineh-ih tribes, plains nomads following the migrations of herd animals. Our tribe lives off the land, learning the ways of animals and wisdom our ancestors. Most tribes have been wiped out in the Great War by foreign armies that were mad with blood thirst from killing each other. Those Dineh-ih tribes that survived have taken in refugees and released slaves that fled across their plains.

The Sturthis, lizard people of the eastern desert, enslaved other cultures for centuries. Within the last 100 years, with the emergence of Guild Law, they dumped their enslaved people in the desert, homeless, with no memory of a culture outside the Sturthis city-states. There were very few Dineh-ih tribes left, but our elders welcomed these strangers in who were also lost and afraid. The New People of our tribe no longer remember their origins, having been born into slavery. Their children are your friends, neighbors, and all our tribe.

You were born to a tribe decimated by other nations' wars. The tribe has changed dramatically in your lifetime. Old ways were lost, new ones found. You are probably too young to have been owned yourself, but your parents or other's parents, the New People, may have told you about it. All are taught the old songs and dances learned in the slave dens of the Sturthis lords, the stories of their escape and hard journey out of the desert.

A wandering people that follow animal migrations in tribal or family groups. The adoption of an enslaved nation has infused a new love of freedom and independence.
The Dwarves

You are a Dwarf. You were raised in the comfort and safety under these mountains. In your protective helmet which you wear at all times, you learned what all young dwarves learn, the basics of excavating, identifying different kind of rock, its properties and uses, basic smelting for steel and firing and vitrifying of clay. You are familiar with the animals that make their homes in the earth, and the useful roots found closer to the surface. The length of your beard shows your age and knowledge of these things.

You are one of the true people of this world. Our people have ventured into the Space, where we are no longer held safely in the womb of the world, and found strange people of many kinds. The soft humans with their simplistic crafts and uninspired art, they are focused on pursuing personal riches rather than creating works of epic beauty that will remain when they are gone. Alfar have a strange sense of art, but it is fragile and can not last the eons. Sturthis find their art in esoteric study, which has its beauty, if it wasn't focused on attaining power alone. Dwarves are surely the most enlightened of peoples.

A stoic people, distrustful of people they don't know, Dwarves are highly talented crafters, jovial amongst their own, and intensely loyal to their family and friends.

You are most fortunate to be born of the Harkorian Empire. You may not be a citizen, like the children of senators or high ranking military officers, but you still hold the distinction of birth to the greatest civilization in all of history. Harkor was the strongest of early cultures, that defeated and annexed their neighbors, cities and customs to build the most educated, richest, most powerful empire in the world.

All of the kingdoms of man would be under the fatherly embrace of Harkor, but for the Sturthis invaders, soulless lizards who's hordes threatened from the eastern deserts. Their powerful magic, that would have decimated the weaker kingdoms, required the full force of Harkor's advanced military might. Great walled keeps were erected along major roads, and advancements in siege machines and warfare were made to meet and throw back the Sturthis might. Surely all humanity owes Harkor their thanks for holding back the murderous desert fiends. Although those days are behind, they are not forgotten. Sturthis may have given up their secrets to Alchemy, and ceased their attempts to wipe us out, but they are cunning and should not be trusted.

A city-state capital of a military empire. Harkorians are a proud patriotic people that through military might held back Sturthus invasions of the western world for a century.
The Hithus

Hithus is you. Strong, sleek, quick. Love the hunt. You proud Hithus.

Hithus come from suffering and struggle. Sturthis pick out soft and bad; take away to dark places, make sorcery on them. Twisted and crushed, hardened and stretched. Chewed up and cast out. What left pushed into jungle of death. Jungle of death filled with hungry mouths, bad water, sickness and rot. Many die, but Hithus stronger, smarter. Hithus survivors. Hungry mouths become meat for Hithus, become skins to protect Hithus, become trophies of great hunt. Hithus learn ways to turn bad water into powerful drink for great health. Hithus make tools, weapons, take from jungle what needed. Hithus stronger than Sturthis. Hithus overcome! Hithus conquerors of jungle of death!

Hithus now strong nation! Villages cross jungle with good roads, safe. We explore out of jungle and find strange lands! Find humans, but they are too salty. Some sell to Sturthis, but also take back as slaves. Learn human talk. Learn many things from humans.

A race of lizard people that survive in the harsh southern jungles and swamp. They were banished from the Stuthus kingdoms long ago.
The Sturthus

Your ancestors were the first to establish the tenants of Alchemy, and through intense study and experiment, became the legendary sovereigns of the Sturthis. Ultimately they're unyielding commitment to learning transformed them wholly into the great dragons that flew across the world and destroyed each other in rage. Some legends are just strange.

Since those legendary times, the tribes of Sturthis grew into the mighty tribal city-states of today. All the tribes have kept long cultural traditions that included ownership of slaves taken from vanquished foes. Your own family probably kept them, possibly many, maintaining a slave culture with rules on marriage and children. Generations were born into slavery as families, forgetting the destroyed tribes they once came from.

Only since the end of the Western War has the practice of slavery been abolished, and our grandparents suffered greatly at the loss. The change in social order has been difficult, and the tribes have struggled to recover. Yours is the first generation to find success under the new Guild Law. Your parents still speak of the new order in bitter tones.

Lizard people of the eastern desert, they discovered the power of Alchemy. Their years of attacks and enslavement of other races has made them distrusted by others. Copyright © 2011 ZPG Games