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Mystic Crossroad Larp

Combining a rich diverse world, an in depth RPG system, and fast paced combat, players immerse themselves in role play like paper and dice games never could. Mystic Crossroads lends itself to endless varieties, stories, and games to keep players interested and entertained. Would you be the next Celestine Knight? Would you prefer the magic of the Sturthis? Maybe a merchant of the Dwarves fits you better? With Mystic Crossroads you are limited only by your imagination!


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Mystic Crossroads Field Guide

A smaller, portable 5"x 8" version of the full Mystic Crossroads LARP book, this field guide contains all the rules of play for quick reference in the midst of the game. Lacking full descriptions of history, races, guilds, and magical systems, the field guide is meant to be an inexpensive reference that can be roughly handled in the field without risk to your copy of the full book.


LARP Fighting Tactics

LARP Fighting Tactics

This DVD contains all you need to know about how to safely fight in any Live Action Role Playing (LARP) environment. The basic techniques of LARP combat are both explained in detail and demonstrated in order to provide you with an edge in your LARP combat experience and allow you to be a better, safer, faster, and more effective fighter. As with all such instructional videos, merely watching the DVD won't make you the fighting equal of Maximus or of Miyamoto Musashi - you WILL have to pay attention to the information, and practice what you have learned in order to improve your skills.



Basic Sword Kitclick to enlarge

Basic Sword Kit

ZPG Games is excited to offer our new crossguard, handle, and pommel for use in building your own boffer weapon in whatever game you play! Just drill into this 10lb molded foam to accommodate the core material you prefer, and contact cement the pieces in place. They are ready for you to paint and put to use.


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Tiger Pommel

Our Newest Product! Our latest build your own pommel for use in building your own boffer prop in your favorite larp game! Made of molded 10lb expandable foam, this will accomodate up to 3/4" hilts with just a drill or dremel tool, and contact cement the pieces in place. They are ready for you to paint and put to use.

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